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Handcrafted furnishings

Perry Corn Crib

Perry Corn Crib

Perry Corn Crib - PERCC

This barn is currently standing on the property owned by Becky Perry.  The land was originally owned by Charles Johnson who obtained through the Land Lottery in 1830 when he arrived by boat from England and debarked at St. Mart's port.  The farm, where the current homestead sits, is the oldest continuous bussiness in Colquit county according to the family.  

The barn was built in 1930 by a local contractor,  John May.  John received 50 cents per day as payment and each laborer was paid 25 cents per pay.  The original use for the barn was as a corn crib, but later was used to feed and house livestock.  The wood BarnBeautiful has obtained from the barn was a result of storm damage in the Spring of 2010 when part of the structure collapsed.

As a note, the family now raises bulldogs on the property and is the origin of General for the Citadel and also of Hummer for Parris Island.

Dismantle completed:  September 2011

Items made from this barn:

PERCC0001-  Planter -solid btm floral container holds 17"long x 13.25" wide x 4" deep

PERCC0002-  Suibon -slat btm floral container holds 6"Wx14"Lx2"D pan

PERCC0003-  Planter - 6"wide x 9.5"long x 4"tall w/ 3 pillars

PERCC0004-  Banner Frame for BarnBeautiful -36"long x20.5"tall x1.25"thick

PERCC0005-  Shelf/Chain/wall display -56" Long x 41.5" tallx 6" Deep

PERCC0006-  Planter -Red 11" long x 7" wide x 7"tall

PERCC0007-  Planter -Red 11" long x 7" wide x 7"tall

PERCC0008-  Tree - 1 panel -12.5" tall

PERCC0009-  Angel -21" tall with ring halo

PERCC0010-  Angel -21" tall with ring halo

PERCC0011-  Tree - 1 panel -12.5" tall

PERCC0012-  Tree - 1 panel -12.5" tall

PERCC0013-  Tree -4 panel -14" tall 

PERCC0014-  Tree -4 panel -16" tall 

PERCC0015-  Tree - 2D -22' tall

PERCC0016-  Tree - 2D -21' tall

PERCC0017-  Tree -4 panel -19" tall w/star

PERCC0018-  Tree -4 panel -15" tall 

PERCC0019-  Tree - 1 panel -12.5" tall

PERCC0020-  Tree - 1 panel -12.5" tall

PERCC0021-  Tree - 1 panel -12.5" tall