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Handcrafted furnishings

Kilgore Work Shop

Kilgore Work Shop

Kilgore Work Shop - KILWS

The Kilgore Work Shed was raised in 1954 while the property was owned by John R. Horton. Built by two of John R's sons, Bobby and Wayne, the shed was constructed out of oak planks and served as a work shed adjacent to the homestead.  The work shed remained in place after the home site was relocated due to a house fire in 1983.  The property was later purchased by Jim and Barbara Kilgore where the shed remained until it was dismantled in July of 2009.  It is worth noting that one of the shed's builders, Wayne Horton, also assisted in the dismantling.

Dismantle completed:  July 2009

Items made from this barn:

KILWS0001-  Frame w/tacks@corners, matted 5x7 pic of barn & window glass

KILWS0002-  Frame weathered 8 x 10 w/ weathered outer frame

KILWS0003-  wthrd inner w/ wthrd outer frame/Denton's Gator Hunt/Troy Landry

KILWS0004-  Wall cabinet,5 shelves, double door

KILWS0005-  Bath Soap Cabinet-Purple w/stained glass door-21"tall x21"wide x10"deep

KILWS0006-  Weathered outer frame/Stained inner frame w/matting

KILWS0007-  Weathered outer frame/Stained Red inner frame with matting

KILWS0008-  Weathered outer frame/Stained Honey inner frame with matting

KILWS0009-  Weathered outer frame/Stained Black inner frame

KILWS0010-  Frame

KILWS0011-  Frame

KILWS0012-  Weathered shadowbox containing hook, line, shell casing, cast

KILWS0013-  Frame

KILWS0014-  Framed REA sign "all electric farm" Mrs. J.S. Smith (Mid GA Elec Memb)

KILWS0015-  double framed mirror, inner old painted wood, outer wthd

KILWS0016-  dbl frame for 20 x 24 print - whtd outer/whtd inner

KILWS0017-  Suibon slat btm holds pan 7.6x7.6x2

KILWS0018-  Suibon slat btm holds pan 7.6x7.6x2

KILWS0019-  Planter- solid btm holds pan 3x8x4

KILWS0020-  Suibon slat btm holds pan 13x9x2

KILWS0021-  Planter- solid btm holds pan 3x8x4

KILWS0022-  Planter- solid btm holds pan 3x8x4

KILWS0023-  Planter- solid btm holds pan 3x8x4

KILWS0024-  Suibon slat btm holds pan 7.6x7.6x2

KILWS0025-  Planter- solid btm holds pan 3x8x4

KILWS0026-  Planter- solid btm holds pan 3x8x5

KILWS0027-  Framed painted glass by Denton -"camofloug"

KILWS0028-  Framed painted glass by Carston - 

KILWS0029-  Framed painted glass by Ashtyn - "Ashtyn Soles"

KILWS0030-  Framed painted glass by Carston & Papa - "water & birds"

KILWS0031-  Wall candle holder -weathered 17"tall x 4"wide x 5"deep

KILWS0032-  Pedestal - 41.5" tall x 15.5" square - oak

KILWS0033-  6" square planter

KILWS0034-  6" square planter w/ platform btm

KILWS0035-  6" square planter

KILWS0036-  6" square planter

KILWS0037-  Chalkboard -17.25"tall x 12.25"wide x 1" thick

KILWS0038-  Vase - 9" HexBudVase -Dark Gray

KILWS0039-  Vase - 9" HexBudVase -Plum

KILWS0040-  Vase - 9" HexBudVase -NatPoly

KILWS0041-  Vase - 9" HexBudVase -TrueBlue

KILWS0042-  Vase - 9" HexBudVase -Coast Green

KILWS0043-  Vase - 9" HexBudVase -NatPoly

KILWS0044-  Vase - 9" HexBudVase -WeatheredPaint

KILWS0045-  Vase - 9" HexBudVase -Cayenne

KILWS0046-  Sconce - 16" tall x 6.75" wide -Weathered

KILWS0047-  Sconce - 16" tall x 6.75" wide -Weathered