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Handcrafted furnishings

Kilgore Tobacco Barn

Kilgore Tobacco Barn

Kilgore Tobacco Barn - KILTB

This tobacco barn was built prior to 1953 by Mr. Julian Thomas.  The farm with the barn in place was purchased from Mr. Thomas by John R. Horton in 1953.  Although the barn was no longer used for curing tobacco after 1953, it continued to serve as a storage shed. The farm was later purchased by Jim and Barbara Kilgore who still owned the property when the barn was dismantled in April of 2009.  Mrs. Kilgore donated the barn to BarnBeautiful and in return was given the first item made from the reclaimed wood, a photo frame containing a photo of the barn prior to reclamation.  
Being the first item made from the structure the frame is marked
with BarnPrintTM identifier KILTB0001.

Items made from this barn:

KILTB0001-  Frame -weathered 5x7 w/tacks@corners -Custom

KILTB0002-  Frame -BarnRed w/ivory matboard-8x10

KILTB0003-  Frame weathered 5x7 w/ 4x6 mat

KILTB0004-  Frame - weathered - 11x17 for 15 x 21 menu -Custom order -hand #'d

KILTB0005-  Frame -5x7 stained red w/photo of Wayne&Amber

KILTB0006-  Frame - Wheat stain -5x7

KILTB0007-  Frame -Weathered 46 3/8 x 20 inches - Custom order

KILTB0008-  Frame -Tobacco stain -5x7

KILTB0009-  Frame -weathered 5x7 -gift w/ photo or Wayne & shed

KILTB0010-  Frame -Red GA Clay stain 5x7

KILTB0011-  Frame -Charcoal stain 5x7

KILTB0012-  Frame -Stained charcoal - 33 3/4 x 23 7/8 -Custom order

KILTB0013-  Frame - weathered 8x10

KILTB0014-  Frame 15.25x13Red w/Black mat

KILTB0015-  Frame 15.25x13Red w/Black mat

KILTB0016-  Frame -weathered 5x7

KILTB0017-  Frame -Weathered std 8x10 no matt

KILTB0018-  Frame -5x7 -extreme weathered w/ tacks @ corners

KILTB0019-   Frame -Weathered 5x7 -Gift from Greg&Roger

KILTB0020-  Frame -weathered 10x12 (Wedding gift)

KILTB0021-  Frame -8x10 weathered -Gift to sister

KILTB0022-  Frame - 8x10 weathered with cream mat

KILTB0023-  Frame "Red" metal loop for magnifying glass -17.75 x21.5

KILTB0024-  Frame -wthd Crosshatch 5x7-tack corners

KILTB0025-  Arrowhead ShadowBox w/removable glass 12x12

KILTB0026-  Bust Stand- 3.5' tall -weathered

KILTB0027-  Wall Sconce -10" x 5" -weathered

KILTB0028-  Wall Sconce -10" x 5" -weathered

KILTB0029-  Wall Sconce -3" "Empire design

KILTB0030-  Wall Sconce -3" "Empire design

KILTB0031-  Framed -Custom w/ Painted 8x8 glass -Custom

KILTB0032-  Frame 8x10 / Swamp People

KILTB0033-  Frame -8x10 weathered

KILTB0034-  Bust Stand -2' tall -weathered

KILTB0035-  Bust Stand -2.5' tall -weathered

KILTB0036-  Bust Stand -3.5' tall -weathered

KILTB0037-  Wall Sconce -10" x 5" -weathered

KILTB0038-  Wall Sconce -10" x 5" -weathered

KILTB0039-  Wall Sconce -5" x 5" -weathered

KILTB0040-  Wall Sconce -10" x 5" -weathered

KILTB0041-  Wall Sconce -10" x 5" -weathered

KILTB0042-  Wall Sconce -5" x 5" -weathered

KILTB0043-  Wall Sconce -10" x 5" -weathered

KILTB0044-  Wall Sconce -10" x 5" -weathered

KILTB0045-  Wall Sconce -5" x 5" -weathered

KILTB0046-  Rectangular table -3' tall -Stained "wheat"

KILTB0047-  Wall Sconce -5" x 5" -weathered

KILTB0048-  Wall Sconce -5" x 5" -weathered

KILTB0049-  Bust Stand -3.5' tall -weathered

KILTB0050-  stained cross inside wthd cross w/rusty nails -8x10

KILTB0051-  Shadowbox -8x10 for Cameo & Necklace

KILTB0052-  Frame -wthd 21"x15.5" matted cross-stitch artwork

KILTB0053-  2' tall Rect table -Stained "wheat"

KILTB0054-  2.5' tall Rectangular table -Stained "wheat"

KILTB0055-  ShadowBox 9x9 w/removable glass 

KILTB0055T-  2' tall Rect table -weathered

KILTB0056T-  2.5' tall Rectangular table -weathered

KILTB0057T-  3' tall Rect table -weathered

KILTB0056-  ShadowBox 9x9 w/ removable glass panel

KILTB0057-  Frame -weathered -mounted 24 x 24 print

KILTB0058-  Frame -5x7 -Weathered/BarnRed -Custom

KILTB0059-  Frame -weathered -mounted print 60 x 40

KILTB0060-  Black/Red 8 x 8 with frame with appliques &family photos

KILTB0061-  Stained Blk 8 x 8 with weathered outer frame

KILTB0062-  Wall table -Weathered wood -29Wx 9D x 36Tall

KILTB0063-  Wall table -Stained muted green -29Wx 9D x 36Tall

KILTB0064-  Frame -octagonal 6.5"- Wthd/Algae wood 

KILTB0065-  Frame -octagonal 6.5"- Wthd/Algae wood 

KILTB0066-  Frame -octagonal 6.5"- Wthd/Algae wood 

KILTB0067-  Frame -octagonal 6.5"- Wthd/Algae wood 

KILTB0068-  Frame -5x7 severe weathered wood

KILTB0069-  Frame -5x7 severe weathered wood

KILTB0070-  Frame -weathered 8x10 -w/ green matt

KILTB0071-  Frame -weathered 5x7 -w/ black matt

KILTB0072-  Frame - weathered 8x10 -w/ ivory matt

KILTB0073-  Frame -oversized 8x10,severely wth'd

KILTB0074-  Frame -weathered 5x7 

KILTB0075-  Frame - 8x10 Muted Green with Matt

KILTB0076-  Frame -weathered 8x10Black/Red with appliques & family photos

KILTB0077-  Frame -8x10 stainedBlack/Red w/appliques &family photos

KILTB0078-  stained cross in weathered 8x10 frame w/rusty nails

KILTB0079-  stained cross in weathered 8x10 frame w/rusty nails

KILTB0080-  stained cross in weathered 8x10 frame w/rusty nails

KILTB0081-  stained cross in weathered 8x10 frame w/rusty nails

KILTB0082-  "Quad" frame(4) 5x7's -Wthd outer/Wthd inner

KILTB0083-  "Quad" frame(4) 5x7's -Wthd outer/Wthd inner

KILTB0084-  "Hept" frame(7) 4x6's- Wthd outer/Wthd inner

KILTB0085-  Mirror -weathered frame -19.5 x 32.5

KILTB0086-  Frame -wthd outer /wthd inner 11 x 13.25

KILTB0087-  "Hept" frame(7) 4x6's- Wthd outer/Wthd inner

KILTB0088-  "Hept" frame(7) 4x6's- Wthd outer/Wthd inner

KILTB0089-  "Quad" frame(4) 5x7's -Wthd outer/Wthd inner

KILTB0090-  "Quad" frame(4) 5x7's -Wthd outer/Wthd inner

KILTB0091-  Frame -20x24 print -whtd outer/whtd inner

KILTB0092-  Mirror/Frame 20 x 24 print -whtd outer/whtd inner

KILTB0093-  Frame wth'd outer/ wth'd inner for 8x10 photo

KILTB0094-  Frame wth'd outer/ wth'd inner for 8x10 photo

KILTB0095-  wthd octagon frame 16 x 16 for 8 x 10 photo -Custom 

KILTB0096-  wthd octagon frame 16 x 16 for 8 x 10 photo -Custom 

KILTB0097-  wthd octagon frame 16 x 16 for 8 x 10 photo -Custom 

KILTB0098-  wthd octagon frame 16 x 16 for 8 x 10 photo -Custom 

KILTB0099-  wthd square frame with octogon cutout for 4x4 photo -Custom

KILTB0100-  wthd square frame with octogon cutout for 4x4 photo -Custom

KILTB0101-  wthd square frame with octogon cutout for 4x4 photo -Custom

KILTB0102-  wthd square frame with octogon cutout for 4x4 photo -Custom

KILTB0103-  Planter -low profile-5.5"W x 34"L x 3"D -no pan-wth'd

KILTB0104-  Suibon -10"x10"x3"D w/ pan weathered

KILTB0105-  Suibon -10"x6"x3.5"D w/ pan -weathered

KILTB0106-  Suibon -18"x13"x3.5"D w/ pan -weathered

KILTB0107-  Valet Box -9"x13"x2.5"D w/ pan -weathered

KILTB0108-  Framed 8x10 painted glass, "Seahorse Welcome" sign

KILTB0109-  Vase - 9" tall x 5.5" wide w/glass insert

KILTB0110-  Vase - 9" tall x 5.5" wide w/glass insert

KILTB0111-  Vase -9" tall x 5.5"sq w/glass Aredic -sunflowers

KILTB0112-  FramedBag -Hodgson'sw/ tag -38" tall x 23" wide

KILTB0113-  FramedBag -Hodgson'sw/ tag -37" tall x 24.5" wide

KILTB0114-  2' tall Rect table -weathered -24"T x 10.25"W x8.75"D

KILTB0115-  BookCase -5' tall x 27" wide x 12" deep

KILTB0116-  Frame -weathered 5x7 -gift w/ photo of Wayne & Amber