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Gunn Equipment Shed

Gunn Equipment Shed

Gunn Equipment Shed - GUNES

The Gunn Equipment Shed was built adjacent to the Corn Crib.  The shed was used to store various pieces of farm equipment and to protect them from the elements when not in use.  The shed dismantle began in April of 2011 and was completed in March of 2012.  The dismantle of the 40' x 20' structure began with the removal of the tin roof.  The tin was re-purposed as wall covering at Bennett Street Salon & Spa in Atlanta, Georgia.  Once the tin had been removed the recovery of the beautifully aged boards along the sheds back wall began.  Much of these boards were extremely weathered and provided many unique pieces for wall art.  The posts holding up the walls to the structure were all cedar tree post and took much effort to recover properly. 
As part of the of the Gunn Farm Homestead, the story of the Equipment Shed started in 1918, when Mary E. Reese sold 118 acres to James J. Gunn for approximately $9500.

Mr. Gunn then began farming and grew mostly cotton on the land as well as corn for the horses and mules.

The homestead consisted of a two story home, Smokehouse, Cooks House, Washhouse, Wood shed, Chicken Coop, Everyday Car Garage, Sunday Car Garage, Gear House, Mule Barn, Corn Crib, Cotton Crib, Out-house and Buggy House.

Dismantle completed:  March 2012 

Items made from this barn:

GUNES0001-  "Palm Island"-Wall art 28"long x10"tall x 5"deep

GUNES0002-  "Dry River Willows" wall art -39"longx14"tallx4"deep

GUNES0003-  "The Pasture" wall art -30.5"long x 11" tall x 5"deep

GUNES0004-  Vase -4.5"W x 4.5"W x 9"tall -"Black & White"

GUNES0005-  Vase -4.5"W x 4.5"W x 9"tall -"Black & White"

GUNES0006-  Vase -4.5"W x 4.5"W x 9"tall -"Black & White"

GUNES0007-  Oasis -Wall Art - 45"Long x 11"tall x 5"deep

GUNES0008-  The Other Side of the Fence-13.25"widex9.25"tallx2.25"deep

GUNES0009-  Distant Horizon-23"wide x 8.75"tall x 2.25"deep

GUNES0010-  Lonesome Willow-5"wide x 10.25"tall x 2.5"deep

GUNES0011-  The Tall Grass-16.25"wide x10"tall x 4.5"deep

GUNES0012-  The Swamp-8.75"wide x7.5"tall x 3.5"deep

GUNES0013-  Dark Forest-23.75"wide x11.7"5tall x2.25"deep

GUNES0014-  Distant-10.25"tall x 4.5"wide x 2.25"deep

GUNES0015-  Art-Board Painting-"Big Boy" 31"tallx23.5"widex1.25"deep

GUNES0016-  Art -"Bang"-cedar star -dimensions23"tall x 23"wide x 7"deep

GUNES0017-  Art-Cedar Mitred Backboard w/ raised cedar cross 10.5x10.5x2

GUNES0018-  Art - Setting Sun-16"wide x 11"tall x 2.25"deep

GUNES0019-  Cross -lacquered cedar board w/ flat cedar cross 17"t x 6.5"W

GUNES0020-  Cross -lacquered flat cross on mtn shape poplar -9.5"T x 10"W

GUNES0021-  Cross -flat poplar cross on lacquered cedar - 8.5"T x 8.5"W

GUNES0022-  Coat Rack -whitewashed w/bolts for pegs 66" tall w/16" base

GUNES0023-  Cross - Large Flat Cedar - 40" Tall x 25.5" wide x 2" thick

GUNES0024-  Rectangular Planter - 17" long x 7" wide x 5" tall -weathered

GUNES0025-  Rectangular Planter - 17" long x 7" wide x 5" tall -weathered

GUNES0026-  Planter - 10" square x 3" tall -weathered w/ pan

GUNES0027-  Planter - mossy 10" square x 3" tall -weathered

GUNES0028-  Vase-9" tall x 6" wide -with glass insert

GUNES0029-  Vase-9" tall x 6" wide -with glass insert

GUNES0030-  Vase-9" tall x 6" wide -with glass insert

GUNES0031-  Vase-9" tall x 6" wide -with glass insert

GUNES0032-  Vase-9" tall x 6" wide -with glass insert

GUNES0033-  6" square with platform

GUNES0034-  6" square with platform

GUNES0035-  Cedar Sconce "L" -27.5" Tall x 6" wide x 7" deep

GUNES0036-  Cedar Sconce "L" -27.5" Tall x 6" wide x 7" deep

GUNES0037-  Art - Defiance - wthd post on framed block 

GUNES0038-  Art - Gush -whtd wood in plow disc

GUNES0039-  Art -Aredic - "Provide" -13" Long x 5.5" tall x 1" thick